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Cave Series

The Cave Series was inspired by the early artistic renditions of neolithic man, immortalized in many subterranean galleries throughout the world. The act of drawing and painting, from which this series derives, is quite primal in nature. A need to embody fear, beauty, dreamscape, and necessity, has persisted from ancient times. We have abstracted and distilled many of these forms into our alphabetic forms of communication, but rudiments of these potent archaic forms remains embedded. Although signs and symbols have had their modern critical dislocation, the transference from artist to viewer will always produce a meaningful dialogue. Art, in its primality, persists. Click on the numbered menu below to see each group of six, or click on an image to see a larger view.
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  • Chelewa


    #C031 Giclée Print
    $400 – $800
  • Jolte


    #C032 Giclée Print
    $400 – $800
  • Piliki


    #C033 Giclée Print
    $500 – $900
  • Ultda


    #C034 Giclée Print
    $400 – $800
  • Atokene


    #C035 Giclée Print
    $500 – $900
  • Osantela


    #C036 Giclée Print
    $500 – $1,200