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Welcome to Eon Editions

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Welcome to Eon Editions, committed to bringing you the finest selection of original artworks and limited edition prints. At present, we exclusively represent the contemporary fine artist, Mark Stritzel. His paintings, bookworks, limited edition prints, and installations are outstanding, world-class works. 

Three additional, full collections have been recently added, entitled "RedE", "Etrain", and "Abcde". These collections function both as unique artpieces, and together in series groupings. To browse the collections simply click on one of the images to the right, or use the main menus above or on the left. We always welcome your comments, insights, and suggestions.

Seven collections of Mark Stritzel's work are exhibited and offered through Eon Editions: the RedE series, the Etrain Series, the MonE8 Series, the Finnegan's aWake Series, the Cave Painting Series, the Abcde Series and Paradise. The RedE collection is comprised of seventy-four, red monochromes, each signed, numbered, and in limited edition. The Etrain series contains twenty-six prints. each signed, numbered, and in limited edition. The MonE8 series, a collection of 100 prints, each signed, numbered, and in limited edition. Finnegan's aWake, a collection of 634 single, unique, signed prints, in a unitary limited edition. The Cave Painting Series, a collection of 41 prints, each signed, numbered, and in limited edition. The Abcde Series consisting of a collection of 26 prints, each signed, numbered, and in limited edition. And finally, Paradise, a unique large scale print, each signed, numbered, and in limited edition.

For each and every fine art print, only archival, museum-quality materials and craftsmanship are used to produce individual prints. The artist personally reviews each print for quality before he signs and numbers the print and finally, the certificate of authenticity. His stringent requirements assure the buyer that they are receiving the best possible representations of his artworks.

These exclusive contemporary print editions are offered for discriminating private, corporate, and museum collections, architectural and interior design spaces, and fine art buyers. To read more about the collection and its critical underpinnings, please click on the "Inspiration" link on the left menu.

The artist Mark Stritzel personally welcomes you to his world of art.

Please browse the collection here.